I arrived in Malta only three and a half months ago when I was searching for a job. I saw the job advert from ZQS and thought immediately: “I want to get this job!”

Now, I am working here since one month - hence, I just arrived!

I really like the working environment, my colleagues (who are always available to help the newcomers), the team leader, and then, well, the job! I really like being part of a close-knit group!

For me it is important to grow, improve my skills and do my job professionally. I believe you never stop learning and progressing in life. 

Staff Testimonial

  • Marisa

    In the future, one of my greatest desires is to work at ZQS as a sales representative because I believe our service is very useful and worthwhile for a lot of companies and professionals. Therefore, I'd like to promote ZQS to new customers and take care of the current ones.