I am from Bologna in Italy and came to Malta 13 months ago. My husband found a job in an old Maltese company and we left our home within 20 days.  For two years, we were looking for an opportunity to start a new life abroad- Malta made it easy for us. 

I began to work as a bartender in a restaurant but then I read the ZQS announcement on ETC in September 2014 and I immediately decided to change my job.

I like to build a relationship with customers, even if it is just a brief moment we share. In my opinion, this kind of work will have a big growth in the future; so the skills I am learning are an important know-how for me. The company is very reliable and the ambience in the office is good. 

In the future, one of my greatest desires is to work at ZQS as a sales representative because I believe our service is very useful and worthwhile for a lot of companies and professionals. Therefore, I'd like to promote ZQS to new customers and take care of the current ones. 

Overall, I want to stay in Malta because I like living over here. 

Staff Testimonial

  • Valentina

    Two months ago, I was looking for work and saw the advertisement of ZQS on an employment website. I applied and started working shortly after.