Originally, I am from Alfano, a small village near Salerno, on the South-West coast of Italy. I have decided to move to Malta after I've been living in Dublin for 6 years.  I wanted to move to a sunny, but still an English speaking country - that's why I chose Malta :) 

I spent the summer just relaxing and enjoying the lovely weather. At the end of August, I read the ZQS job offer on Facebook. It happened by chance because I was not really looking for a job but the job position seemed interesting to me.

The thing I like most at ZQS is the atmosphere and the general environment - all the colleagues are really nice and it seems like being in a family.  

I'm trying to improve my customer service skills, focusing on what our customers want and when they want it. The job challenges you to combine the speed of service and the customer's satisfaction, even at busy working hours. 

Staff Testimonial

  • Valentina

    Two months ago, I was looking for work and saw the advertisement of ZQS on an employment website. I applied and started working shortly after.