I arrived in Malta only three and a half months ago when I was searching for a job. I saw the job advert from ZQS and thought immediately: “I want to get this job!”

Now, I am working here since one month - hence, I just arrived!

I really like the working environment, my colleagues (who are always available to help the newcomers), the team leader, and then, well, the job! I really like being part of a close-knit group!

For me it is important to grow, improve my skills and do my job professionally. I believe you never stop learning and progressing in life. 

Erfahrungen unserer Mitarbeiter

  • Eyleen und Sonja P.

    Ihre Firma hat das alles toll eingehalten, was sie uns versprochen hat!

    Der Vertrag und  die Aufgaben waren korrekt. Ihr Büro genauso, wie beschrieben!

    Toll und vielen Dank!

    Wir können Fa. Zenith nur empfehlen!